Cut your fuel costs up to 40% by converting your fleet to propane (Autogas)

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What is Autogas?

Autogas is the vehicle fuel name for Propane. It is a member of the Natural Gas family and is produced from the same sources as other fuels we use today. Where Autogas is different is in its handling and energy characteristics. Autogas is a liquid fuel at a much lower pressure than natural gas. This means that filling up takes less time and gives much greater range than CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). Autogas has a higher octane rating than gasoline and many modern engines thrive on it's use. It is also less polluting than other fuels, with significantly lower greenhouse gas, lower hydrocarbon and lower particulate emissions. 

Best of all, Autogas benefits from an established supply industry. Propane service companies can provide customers with fuel at over 6000 locations around the US. If you own a fleet, filling stations can be put at your own location to allow you the greatest control of your time and expense for filling. It is available in rural and semi-rural areas without the need for expensive pipelines or compressor stations that can cost millions of dollars to construct. In fact, an Autogas filling station can be installed without cost with the right relationship with your local Propane company. Power By Propane has contacts with many suppliers and provides this information for you to make the transition to Autogas quick and cost effective.

The Autogas industry has numerous incentives including grant money for conversions, filling stations and rebates or credits for fuel purchases. For many business applications the return on investment can be less than one year!

See what Fleet Managers are talking about!!

Power Your Fleet With Propane and Save up to 50% on Fuel CostsWe provide a complete turn-key Propane (Autogas) vehicle solutions for your fleet. Convert your fleet to propane and run on a proven and environmentally friendly solution that will save you money. In fact, you could save up to 50% on fuel costs and lower carbon emissions up to 30% by powering your vehicles with propane it’s safe, efficient and will help reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

The best of both worlds.
Power By Propane has LPG system to provide state-of-the-art conversions  for your fleet. Our conversion systems do not affect your fleet’s ability to run on gasoline. Simply press the change-over button on your vehicle’s dash to switch easily between propane and gas or switch the system on to run automatically. The LPG system starts your vehicle on gasoline, and then automatically switches to propane after a short pre-set time – usually within 30 seconds.
Conversion is easy. And easy to maintain.
We handle all the aspects of conversion and maintenance onsite at your location. Modern propane-powered vehicles provide excellent performance and there is practically no change in how the vehicle drives. And best of all, distance and refuelling are easy – you choose whether to run on propane or gasoline.

June 14, 2013

Tallahassee, Florida - Governor Rick Scott signed HB579 to promote the use of natural gas fuels in Florida.
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Welcome to the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Conversions

Power By Propane, LLC.  has provided Alternative Fuel Vehicle Conversions offered an amazing number of firsts in what most people thought was a passing phase. We specialize in bringing alternative fuels to fleets of vehicles.   Alternative fuels are very popular lately because rising oil prices and very serious problems with global warming and climate changes.


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