Cut your fuel costs up to 40% by converting your fleet to propane (Autogas)


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The LPi system works in much the same way as the gasoline system - liquid fuel is circulated and presented to the injectors. The system has a fuel tank with an integrated membrane pump. The pump increases the pressure in the system by 5 bar and pumps the liquid fuel to the pressure regulator. This component adjusts and controls the system pressure and also contains a solenoid valve which opens once the driver pushes the fuel selector switch to autogas. The fuel is sent to the injectors which are positioned in the intake manifold. Excess fuel is returned via the pressure regulator block to the fuel tank. The autogas injectors are controlled by the autogas electronic controller (LPE). This unit uses the original signals from the vehicle's ECU and adapts these for the autogas injectors. All the original signals from the engine management and diagnostic systems of the vehicle remain intact in this way.

Autogas has the physical property that under certain circumstances it can vaporize under influence of heat and temperature. This can result in start times which are slightly longer than those you are used in gasoline engines. In order to minimize this effect, the autogas pump is activated at the moment that the car door is opened on some models in order to achieve earlier build up of pressure in the system. This pressure increase allows any fuel in gaseous form to be recompressed in to liquid.